virtion introduces StorPool Distributed Storage

“Block storage, fast, secure and scalable – a challenge excellently mastered by using StorPool distributed block storage.”

Storpool After a pilot phase over several months with selected customers, virtion now offers a highly avaliable block storage based on the StorPool distributed storage system, broadening its range of products.

With the introduction of this technology, we can offer a low-latency and scalable storage which ideally combines the advantages of local SSDs with the advantages of distributed storage backends:

  • scalable performance of arbitrary amounts of data
  • high availability > 99,99% by storing your data over multiple availability zones and different media types
  • affordable, usage-based accounting with a very good ratio of storage capacity to transaction performance (IO/sec per GB)

The integration of this storage provides high transaction performance for systems like databases, without the disadvantages of local SSD RAID systems with similar performance.

Likewise, expansions are always possible without downtime, even across server boudaries. Failures of single storage servers do not decrease data availability – your services and data always remain available due to integration into our management systems.

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